ZooZoo                                          Performer                                                   New Victory Theatre
ZooZoo                                          Performer                                                   International Tour- Imago Theatre
365 Plays/ 365 Days                     Steve Painter                                              The Public Theatre
God Bless You, Mister Scrooge    Bob Crachit                                                 La Tea Theatre
Evening with Bruce Campbell       Travis                                                          The Duplex Theatre
The  Confrontation                        Staten                                                         Chernuchin Theatre
Romeo and Juliet                          Romeo                                                        Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
Much Ado About Nothing              Borachio                                                     Elkins Shakespeare Festival
The Taming of the Shrew              Baptista, Curtis                                           Theatre on the Lake
A Dickens of a Christmas              O. Henry, Fagin                                          Mount Hope Estate
Commedia  dell’Arte                      Arlecchino                                                  Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
Beowulf                                          Haldir                                                         Mount Hope Estate
Our Town                                       George Gibbs                                             Our Town Theatre
Hatful of Rain                                 Apples                                                        Vagabond Theatre
The Twilight of the Golds               David Gold                                                 Our Town Theatre
The Actors Nightmare                   George Spelvin                                           Boiler House Theatre
The Last Night of Ballyhoo            Joe Farkas                                                  Laurel Mill Playhouse
The Melville Boys                          Owen Melville                                             Our Town Theatre

Film /Television/ Commercial
Microsoft/ AMC Walking Dead      Husband                                                     dir. Brian Tolsen
HTC                                               Father                                                         dir. Frank Sun
Cognizant                                      IT specialist                                                dir. Pete and Luke Mcoubrey
Birthday                                         Fred                                                            dir. Sonoko Okata                    
Romeo Santos: "Eres Mia"            Husband                                                     dir. Joaquin Cambre
Deadly Sins Ep. 309                      Jeffery Mundt                                             Investigation Discovery
Mysteries at the Museum              Dr. George Soper                                       Travel Channel
All Worked Up                               Jim                                                              TRU TV
Batsu!                                            Japanese Improv Game Show                   JeBon NYC
Comedy Sportz                             Short Form                                                  Broadway Comedy Club
Gus                                                Long Form                                                 Theatre Project
Mister Licorice                               Long Form                                                  Creative Alliance
The Mimehunters                          Long Form                                                  Artscape
Plan B                                            Short Form                                                 The Strand Theatre
Friday Knights at the Improv         Short Form/ Musical                                   Mount Hope Estate
Red Tie Mafia                                Short Form                                                 Gotham Comedy Club
Friday Night Faceoff                      Short Form                                                 Theatre Three
Mindbleach                                    Sketch                                                        Broadway Comedy Club

Davis and Elkins College  B.A. Theatre Arts

Acting Technique-  Pete Regan                   Boiler House Theatre
Shakespeare Technique - Greg Mach         Open Air Theatre
Scene Study -  Jane Avery                          The Backstage
Speech-    April Daras                                  The Alternate Stage
Voice-    Robert Psurny                                The Music Room
Stage Combat-   Greg Ramsey                    Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
Clowning-   Ben Sincell                                Our Town Theatre
S.A.F.D.  (rapier/ dagger, single sword, unarmed), mask work, physical comedy, snowboarding, Mt. biking, swimming, Ultimate Frisbee,  Frisbee Golf, football, softball, basketball, soccer, motorcycling, Mt. boarding, rollerblading,  high falls (30ft), Dialects: American Southern, Irish, Scottish, Russian, English- lower class, trumpet, percussion, walk on hands, juggle (three), valid passport, drivers license (manual, automatic), motorcycle license